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A Fugue for Mac Users...
Topic by: Ursus
Posted: December 8, 2006 - 2:26 PM PST
Last Reply: December 10, 2006 - 10:19 PM PST

author topic: A Fugue for Mac Users...
post #1  on December 8, 2006 - 2:26 PM PST  
Here's the problem:

New MacBook Laptop (4 Months old) has suddenly stopped playing DVD's or CD's, neither will it burn the two afore mentioned storage mediums. Upon slot-loading, both media get the drive spinnin'/rev'd-up only to eject the disc seconds later; regardless of quality or type, it ain't workin'.

My guess would be Firmware or Software, though I have yet to find the appropriate update to rectify the stubborn drive's malady. I hope I don't have to yank the drive or replace the lemon; this would make me sad/angry.

So, Mac Users or GC members from Cupertino, CA, what are your thoughts (Beyond Warranty/Return)?

PS. ESPN is broadcasting UM's Championship game in Missoula, tonight -it's gonna be a cold one!
post #2  on December 9, 2006 - 12:50 PM PST  
Sounds like you got a lemon. The only article I've found is this so I don't think it's an epidemic. If your mac is still new isn't it still under warranty? Back up your hard drive and get it fixed. The fact that it was working before and now it doesn't seems to point to a hardware breakdown rather than something with the firmware. And as you say, it's not a media issue if you've tried playing all kinds of discs.

I've had optical drive issues with the one laptop (G3 iBook) that I own, too. I had one bad one swapped out, and the new one still pops open on its own very easily. I'm very suspicious of the optical drives which have been miniaturized for laptops. They're one of the weakest links in otherwise fine machines.

Question: if you hook up an external optical drive (firewire or usb 2.0) do the same discs play OK?

Question: Have you updated your OS X with the latest version using the software update function? Also before this problem popped up did you install any new software relating to playing discs on your computer? (like Toast Platinum or something?)

You should maybe reinstall the OS from the disc that came with your computer, just in case the OS software somehow got corrupted. First reinstall the OS, then run Software Update (from the Apple Menu), then restart your computer and see what happens. You can't lose.
post #3  on December 9, 2006 - 12:52 PM PST  
BTW, there's a thread called GCMUG for posts like these. There used to be more Mac users on GreenCine, too, but where are they all now?
post #4  on December 10, 2006 - 10:19 PM PST  
Good Things, Hammy.

I haven't tried the external drive option, and a clean install is on my list of things-to-do (in addition to software updates) for rectifying the situation; it will have to wait till after finals week, though.

It will get handled, one way or another.

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