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new york is cooler than ever!
Topic by: dpowers
Posted: December 19, 2002 - 9:33 AM PST
Last Reply: December 19, 2002 - 9:33 AM PST

author topic: new york is cooler than ever!
post #1  on December 19, 2002 - 9:33 AM PST  
i'm just blowing off some steam.

i read the article in the new york times about how this year's critical favorites seem to indicate that hollywood isn't as important to the oscars as it could be.

the oscars were started to make a big deal out of hollywood. if "traditional" hollywood studios aren't participating in the oscars, they probably just don't feel like they need to. what's the big deal in that.

fine line, focus, sony classics, new line, miramax, etc. all making or distributing movies that are "oscar material," all owned by those same hollywood studios that are supposedly not making movies that are oscar material. hello, hasn't anyone noticed this whole branding thing going on? where if you think one of your people is going to sneeze, you start sneezco and spin them off (and turn a profit on sneeze speculation)?

the move of hollywood cred to new york is news? and gangs of new york is used as proof, no less.

the establishment of lots of new urban-hip studios in new york wouldn't have anything to do with the INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF MONEY new york urban hipsters made during the recent stock boom, would it?

or crank it up another level: rather than these critical results showing hollywood being more conservative than small studios, maybe it shows hollywood being forward-thinking by flattering new york (by taking only indirect credit for new york-hip movies) in order to get better results on the stock market. "hollywood isn't just about the money -- like any modern business, they know to acquire a good thing when they see one."

since the word "art" is so flexible it's hard to say that "the film industry" or film finance isn't also about "art." but there was an enormous amount of money changing hands in the last ten years, and in the usa, most of that changed hands in new york. most of the brands that carry the reputation of old hollywood are now holding companies and doing more speculation and channel buying than production. so sucking up to stockbrokers would be a major goal of theirs. got to follow the money.

that's really harsh. on the other side of it, things are happening in new york city, new york is cool, new york is an art storm, but what's new about that? what does a production/financing surge in new york tell us other than, new yorkers got rich?

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