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From Albania to Zaire, there's a whole world out there.

I finally heard from "Unearthed Films"....
Topic by: lizzoqops
Posted: July 30, 2004 - 11:55 AM PDT
Last Reply: July 30, 2004 - 11:55 AM PDT

author topic: I finally heard from "Unearthed Films"....
post #1  on July 30, 2004 - 11:55 AM PDT  
...but no mention at all of "Electric Dragon". It's still on their website as coming soon. Hopefully the site will be updated soon. Anyway, here's the email:

<<<<<Films. We are finishing up our new distribution deal and will soon be
releasing a whole slate of films. I apologize to you guys for having
kept you waiting so long but the red tape and legal mumbo jumbo has
taken forever.

We have picked up more films and, if you check out the website at, you will find Ichi-1 splattered all over the
front of our site. Yes, we have picked up the "kick in your face till
you're spitting teeth" prequel to Ichi the Killer. Starring Nao Omori
of course as Ichi from Ichi the Killer and Teah as Mr. Dai, star of
Takashi Miike's City of Lost Souls. The Ichi-1 DVD will have an
interview with Takashi Miike and director Masato Tanno and anything
else we can dredge from the depths of Japanese coolness.

We have also picked up two ultra gore-fests from Russia called....
Nails and Angst. Up and coming director Andrey Iskanov splatters the
screen with these two highly psychedelic, over-the-top blood feasts
that need to be seen to be believed. Nails is about a detective that
uses the art of "Trepan" (crudely hammering holes in his head with
nails) in order to see the demons that await us beyond the veil of
reality. Angst is a visually intoxicating gore-fest about an alien
disguised as a man whose friends get killed in ferociously compelling
ways. I've been lucky enough to preview some of the footage from Mr.
Iskanov's latest film that he's still working on in Moscow and I do
have to looks vicious! The DVDs will be filled to the gills
with so many extras that I'm hoping we can fit them all on!

As for our other upcoming DVD's, we have finished the mastering
Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre and Pinocchio 964, and, with a little
clean up on the subs of the video interview with director Shozin
Fukui, Rubber's Lover will also be done. The Devil Doctor Woman menu
design is finished and so are the subs for this and The Making of
Devil Doctor Woman. The complete Guinea Pig Box Set will be released
at the same time as Devil Doctor Woman for those people waiting to
pick up all the Guinea Pigs at one time.

We will be releasing Black Sun in late September/early October but,
no matter what, we won't keep you waiting any longer. Then it looks
like a DVD a month from then on, though we might skip December
because the retail outlets will be concentrating on the Hollywood
crap and retailers would rather kick their own mothers in the gut
then carry something cool and edgy like the Guinea Pig Box Set for
Christmas. Everyone knows pseudo snuff and gore is what everyone
really wants to watch on TV for Christmas instead of those crappy
parades your Mom wants you to watch while your uncle Harry is drunk
on too much eggnog.

The Aftermath/Genesis DVD is scheduled for release right after Rock
and Rule. We picked up an audio extra from Mental Funeral Zine. It's
an audio interview with Nacho Cerda, Bill Connolly and Devon
Gardner. Nice added bonus for the disc. Working on a background
visual thing for the DVD to accompany it.

Rock and Rule baby! Oh man, so much stuff, so many freaking extra's
it's not even funny. Looking at a February release for it. If you
want to know more, join the Yahoo group Rockrule in Yahoo or on our
website in the news section. Just sent out a massive newsletter that
was 5 pages long on all the extra's, print specs, polls that need to
be filled out to see what everyone wants on the DVD since we have so
much stuff. Won't add it here since this seems to be the gore hounds
newsletter. Will ask my webmaster to add that newsletter on the site
somewhere for people to check out.

What else, what else... Okay, You can pre-order all of our upcoming
DVD's and save some cash. About 30 days before each release date,
will email you about this. Working on more contests. The Guinea Pig
contest is almost over; check it out at if you
don't already know about it. On future DVDs we'll have more of our
graphic covers for the real gorehounds who want their DVD's blood
soaked and not retailer safe so you can show the kiddies. We have
more exciting films lined up that we haven't announced due to the red
tape of figuring out distribution but we're almost there. We're also
working on the production of some really off-the-wall films, as some
of you already know, but that's another story. Here are a couple of
more websites with info on our upcoming releases.

Check em out...

Cyberpunkfilms is new...if you have seen any of the films, send us a
review and we will put it on the site and give you credit, URL
address and whatever. You might get something and you might not.

So that's it...No that's not it but I'm not going to say anymore
since I won't have anything else to say in the next letter.

Reddest regards,

Stephen Biro
Unearthed Films

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