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From Albania to Zaire, there's a whole world out there.

What ever happened to Sabine Haudepin?
Topic by: woozy
Posted: May 27, 2005 - 8:39 PM PDT
Last Reply: May 28, 2005 - 1:33 AM PDT

author topic: What ever happened to Sabine Haudepin?
post #1  on May 27, 2005 - 8:39 PM PDT  
In light of the fantastic news of the upcoming release of Criterion Collection of Jules et Jim my mind turns to a question I asked a few years back and never got an answer to then.

Does anyone know who wrote the subtitles or anything about them?

A few years ago, I rented this movie, and though I can't know for certain, I'm pretty sure it had different subtitles when I saw the film in repitoire theaters and college campuses in the seventies and eighties.

Oh, and what *did* ever become of Sabine Haudepin.

... a childhood flashback ... listening to a tiny 45 lp of the musical soundtrack of Jules et Jim in my bedroom when I was 7 ... playing with the hole plug that came with the album.... (for the youngsters: For reasons unknown to me forty-fives, which were quite small had large center holes and to center the forty-five one would place a prostethic hole plug to play it so it'd be equally balanced. Of course being a woozy I was fascinated with trying to put the forty-five off center and to see just how far off center I could put it before the needle-arm would go flying off. The Jules and Jime 45 was neat cause it came with its own hole plug that was flat sleek and trifoiled (like ninja triangle)
post #2  on May 28, 2005 - 12:46 AM PDT  
> On May 27, 2005 - 8:39 PM PDT woozy wrote:
> ---------------------------------
> Oh, and what *did* ever become of Sabine Haudepin.

She's still around.
post #3  on May 28, 2005 - 1:33 AM PDT  
> On May 28, 2005 - 12:46 AM PDT IronS wrote:
> ---------------------------------
> > On May 27, 2005 - 8:39 PM PDT woozy wrote:
> > ---------------------------------
> > Oh, and what *did* ever become of Sabine Haudepin.
> >
> She's still around.
> ---------------------------------

Yes, dear. And there's also this. What I wonder though is for a life-long actress who has a filmology the length of my arm has she ever had a significant role and does anyone actually know anything about her.

another childhood memory occurs to woozy when he was four years old back when his father liked movies better than drugs and used to run an underground theater in his living room, woozy being very bored with the grown up movies would want to identify with the children in the movies but always was concerned when Sabine in "Jules et Jim" and the no neck monsters in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and even Nick/Wilbur/Malcolm/Theodore/Raphael Sabatini/Dr. Morris Fishbein/Woodrow/King/Rover/Lefty/Chevrolet/Big Sam Burns in "A Thousand Clowns" (which to the child woozy's disappointment had nothing at all to do with clowns) were never really considered much more than scenary. He's a bit concerned that his old friend Sabine (who was so cute making fun of the mentally retarded) grew up okay.

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