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I just saw it and boy does it...

The Machinist
Topic by: Catullus
Posted: October 29, 2004 - 4:39 AM PDT
Last Reply: October 30, 2004 - 8:24 AM PDT

author topic: The Machinist
post #1  on October 29, 2004 - 4:39 AM PDT  
wow thats some real movie magic, it has to be, basically its a psychological thriller starring Christian Bale and in it for whatever reason (not sleeping or not eating) he loses a ton of weight and looks like he was in a concentration camp. Anyway theres no way he safely lost all that weight so im guessing it has to be special video effects. In of itself the movie looks interesting/good but how skinny bale gets is very disturbing.

Watch the trailer here

you need quicktime installed to watch it.
post #2  on October 29, 2004 - 7:43 AM PDT  
Why woud you think that was special effects?

Bale said he dropped his weight down to 121 lbs for the film.
post #3  on October 29, 2004 - 9:04 AM PDT  
really thats gross, i had hoped it was special effects because it was plain nasty to see the guy without his shirt on in the trailer.

Im surprised he would do that, it can't be good for your health to look like that.
post #4  on October 29, 2004 - 12:02 PM PDT  
cat, read this article in The NYTimes by Caryn James: Gaunt to Gargantuan and Back: The Atkins Method of Acting
post #5  on October 29, 2004 - 2:22 PM PDT  
> cat, read this article in The NYTimes by Caryn James: Gaunt to Gargantuan and Back: The Atkins Method of Acting

Nothing really to add - but I was behind that article 100% and if you hadn't mentioned it, I would have. I could care less about actors changing weight for a role, somehow it's turned into the main point of discussion when talking about actors.
post #6  on October 30, 2004 - 8:24 AM PDT  
I saw the film yesterday. I won't call it a masterpiece, but it is a worthy effort.

The weight loss was real. Unfortunately, the film spends a little too much time showing his body, as if trying to drive home the fact that "Christian Bale lost SOOOOOO much weight to do our movie!" His face is so gaunt that you get the idea without having to see him without a shirt again and again. Twice or thrice would have sufficed.

On the other hand, the weight loss was absolutely necessary to create the feel of fatigue, hopelessness, confusion and death around Bale's character. You will leave this movie wanting to sleep. Not that it's boring; it kept me interested throughout. It's just that you can't look at this guy for that long without starting to commiserate with him a little.

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