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The "Cult" of Truth--Alex Jones Documentaries!
Topic by: dvdemon
Posted: March 25, 2005 - 7:55 AM PST
Last Reply: November 4, 2005 - 7:27 AM PST

author topic: The "Cult" of Truth--Alex Jones Documentaries!
post #1  on March 25, 2005 - 7:55 AM PST  
Alex Jones documentaries are the "cult" films that need to become mainstream knowledge if our nation is to survive.

Ask Greencine to offer Alex Jones films ( Alex is a hardcore patriot who isn't fooled by the simple "Democrat vs Republican" puppet show that the sheeple are led by. Alex exposes the real enemy of America: the network of powerful globalists who are quietly moving us all into a "New World Order"--and Alex has the proof.

Alex Jones even authorizes bootleg copies to be freely made and distributed for educational purposes! Right now, all we have access to on Greencine is half-truths and propaganda like "Fahrenheit 911".

That's why we need to see the Alex Jones documentaries such as "911: Road to Tyranny", "Masters of Terror", and his "Police State" series. The evidence speaks for itself, but if we don't see it, we can't stop it.
post #2  on March 31, 2005 - 11:09 PM PST  
> Alex Jones documentaries are the "cult" films that need to become mainstream knowledge if our nation is to survive.

Strong words, but this guy is pretty clearly a crank repeating the standard conspiracy theories that breed on the Internet. Those interested can check his site Prepare to wade through opinion piece after opinion piece on the pure hype of the Schiavo case.
post #3  on April 8, 2005 - 7:54 AM PDT  
>"Strong words, but this guy is pretty clearly a crank repeating the standard conspiracy theories that breed on the Internet."

Really? I don't think the evidence for the book "Proofs of a Conspiracy" was bred on the internet; it was published in 1798. Since then, we have been conditioned to have an automatic negative reaction to the word "conspiracy". But why do you think some theories become "standard" in the first place? How hard is it to believe that powerful, corrupt people would quietly combine their resources to increase their control? That's all a conspiracy is!

The Order of the Illuminati is not a "theory". Neither is the Council on Foreign Relations, or the Bilderberg Group. They exist, and they conspire. Often, THEIR OWN DOCUMENTS AND MEMBERS EXPOSE THEM! The media, banking cartels, and military/industrial complex are owned and controlled by a globalist elite who are undermining our national sovereignty and Constitutional freedom. That's a fact, not a theory. They can't control the internet (yet) so that's where you can still find independent voices. Some, like Alex Jones, are respected for their straightforward agenda and efforts to wake us up.

But take no one's word for any of this; examine the facts yourself. Alex Jones documents his claims with thousands of mainstream news reports, domestic and foreign. See his site and documentaries and then get to work: confirm and verify. You are losing your freedom and your nation while you ridicule "conspiracy theories".

"You can turn your backs on the truth, but you cannot walk away from the consequences." -Jeff Mariotte, "Desperadoes"
post #4  on May 1, 2005 - 3:55 PM PDT  
As pure entertainment, Alex Jones is astounding. See His animated segment and the live action version in Linkletter's "The Waking Life." He is amazing when his rants stick to libertarian, "us verus them" lines, but some of the vidios I have seen on his site get a little too ultra right wing for my tastes. At some points, I cannot tell where the "us" stops, and "them" starts. In his expose of the Seattle WTO riot he blames Black masked anarchists for creating the riot, and not the police, who were clearly the instigators. I can qualify this anecdotaly, as many of my friends wer there and saw first hand the mayhem caused by those who were charged with the duty to serve and protect. The problem for me is that I cannot pin down A.J. to a particular side, unlike muckraker (who I admire and deplore) Micheal Moore.
post #5  on June 14, 2005 - 5:37 AM PDT  
As for "ultra right wing", that is how the Founding Fathers themselves would be described by today's debased standards. Predictably, when Jones is attacking Democrats, he is called "ultra-conservative", and when he's attacking Republicans, he's called "a liberal" (or worse)!

Alex Jones is consistent, and if it is hard to tell what "side" he is on, it's only because people are so brainwashed by the phony "pick-a-side" paradigm that when someone does not fit in the edited, standardized, approved-for-television box, they appear confusing or threatening. Simply put, Alex Jones is on the side of freedom, and understands that the only thing between freedom and tyranny is the supreme sovereignty of the American Constitution. Not the government, not the UN Charter, not "international law"--the American Constitution, which is under attack from multiple sides (all behind which are the hidden hands of the New World Order).

Alex Jones exposes the "War on Freedom" and the fear-based tactics of the globalist agencies that have hijacked America in order to destroy it from within, all while waving the flag and spitting in our faces. In the end, Americans who stay willingly ignorant will get what they deserve.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men remain silent and do nothing." - British Parliamentarian Edmund Burke

post #6  on June 29, 2005 - 2:58 PM PDT  
I don't really care about picking sides, I just need to be able to pin down opinions so I know who I would like to most follow like a lemming to the cliff when its time to dive. I did not mean to raise your dander, dvdmon, but I have mostly given up on ideals and beliefs of any kind after years of affiliation with one crackpot or another. A zealot is a zealot, no matter what colour tie he wears, be it Moore, Jones, Manson, or Farrahkan. All are entertaining but all are full of their particular kind of shit next to the grain of brilliant truth many of them do possess.
post #7  on November 4, 2005 - 7:27 AM PST  
> On June 14, 2005 - 5:37 AM PDT dvdemon wrote:
> "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men remain silent and do nothing." - British Parliamentarian Edmund Burke

The pseudo-quote is therefore without authenticity or meaning, and is just another of those political slogans which are used not as an assistance to, but as a substitute for real thought. It is not a deep truth, although it is constantly treated as one. Burke incidentally hated such things. He thought that cheap political slogans, or maxims as he called them, enabled politicians to invoke principles of expediency, so they could pursue their own selfish interests instead of fulfilling their obligations to country, party and people. To him they were quite distinct from the deeps truths...

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