New and Coming Releases: April 16, 2013.


Medium Cool (Criterion)

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: "I love to shoot film" is the sanguine motto of TV lensman John Cassellis (Robert Forster) in Haskell Wexler's 1969 Medium Cool, a semi-documentary investigation of image-making and politics. With his... more>>>

Pierre Etaix (Criterion)

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: A French comedy master whose films went unseen for decades as a result of legal tangles, director-actor Pierre Etaix is a treasure. This collection includes all of his films, including five features, ... more>>>

The Central Park Five

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (PROHIBITION) teams with his daughter Sarah and her husband David McMahon to examine the facts in the case of five minority teens from Harlem who in 1989 were accused o... more>>>

Gangster Squad

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: An elite police squad fights to save the city of Los Angeles from a power-hungry East Coast mobster in this gritty police-detective film set in the 1940s, and based on Paul Lieberman's seven-part Los ... more>>>

Promised Land

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: Matt Damon stars in Promised Land, the compelling contemporary drama based on an original screenplay by John Krasinski and Damon and directed by Gus Van Sant (Milk, Good Will Hunting). Corporate sales... more>>>

Wuthering Heights

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: Emily Bronte's classic romance is given an austere, naturalistic interpretation in this adaptation from filmmaker Andrea Arnold, which strips the story of much of its dialogue and adds a racial compon... more>>>

The Impossible

Releases: 2013-04-23
Synopsis: Director Juan Antonio Bayona follows up his critically acclaimed feature debut THE ORPHANAGE with this drama set during the 2004 Thailand tsunami, detailing one family's incredible fight for survival.... more>>>


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