New and Coming Releases: April 2, 2013.

Hemingway and Gellhorn 

Releases: 2013-04-02
Synopsis: Starring Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and Academy Award nominee Clive Owen, two of today's most acclaimed actors, and directed by Academy Award nominee Philip Kaufman... more>>>

John Dies at the End 

Releases: 2013-04-02
Synopsis: When a powerful new drug opens the gateway for an inter-dimensional invasion, the only two people on the planet capable of saving mankind are a pair of dubious amateur exorcists. more>>>

Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy 

Releases: 2013-04-02
Synopsis: Actor and filmmaker John Turturro pays a visit to the home of his forefathers in this documentary from noted theater director Roman Paska. Turturro's roots go back to Sicily... more>>>

Give Up Tomorrow 

Releases: 2013-04-02
Synopsis: In the summer of 1997, Marijoy Chiong and her sister Jacqueline Chiong disappeared from their home on the Philippine island of Cebu. Two days after they were reported missing, their bodies were found, and coroners determined they were severely beaten... more>>>

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