New and Coming Releases: April 9, 2013.


The Dreaming/The Initiation (Katarina's Nightmare Theater) Ozploitation Double Bill

Releases: 2013-04-30
Synopsis: Its a Ozploitation double bill! First up, THE DREAMING! A female doctor treats a sick aborigine girl, who later dies under mysterious circumstances, and then the doctor's archaeologist father defies a... more>>>

The Unbelievable Truth

Releases: 2013-04-30
Synopsis: Writer-director Hal Hartley's first feature -- shot in less than 12 days in his backyard for a mere $200,000 -- is a dry and dark comedy about the dangerous undercurrents that exist below the surface ... more>>>

The Rabbi's Cat

Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: Based on the best-selling graphic novel by one of France's most celebrated comic artists. Algeria in the 1930s. A cat belonging to a widowed rabbi and his beautiful daughter eats the family parrot and... more>>>

Band of Outsiders (Criterion Collection) (Blu-Ray)

Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: One of pioneering director Jean-Luc Godard's most accessible films is this French spin on Dolores Hitchens' novel Fool's Gold. It tells the tale of three disaffected youths who plan a burglary, leadin... more>>>

Silver Linings Playbook

Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: David O. Russell's SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK stars Bradley Cooper as Pat, a bipolar man from Philadelphia who has spent the last eight months in a mental hospital. He was ordered there after a violent i... more>>>


Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: A loving couple learn that their two adopted nieces have brought a dark secret into their home in this foreboding domestic thriller from executive producer Guillermo del Toro (PAN'S LABYRINTH), and di... more>>>

The ABCs of Death

Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: Twenty-six horror directors collaborate on an anthology film where each filmmaker directs a segment focusing on a death based on a letter in the alphabet. Among the directors involved are A SERBIAN FI... more>>>

Safe Haven

Releases: 2013-05-07
Synopsis: Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough star in this spellbinding romantic drama based on the novel by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook). When a mysterious, beautiful woman named Katie (Hough... more>>>

Neighboring Sounds

Releases: 2013-05-14
Synopsis: Life in a middle-class neighborhood in present day Recife, Brazil, takes an unexpected turn after the arrival of an independent private security firm. The presence of these men brings a sense of safet... more>>>

3:10 to Yuma (Criterion)

Releases: 2013-05-14
Synopsis: Desperate for money, frontier rancher Van Heflin holds outlaw Glenn Ford at gunpoint, intending to collect the $200 reward. While both men await the train to Yuma that will escort Ford to prison, the ... more>>>


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