New and Coming Releases: August 13, 2013

A Band Called Death 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: Filmmakers Mark Christopher Covino and Jeff Howlett profile obscure, early-1970s Detroit proto-punk outfit Death, who disbanded before releasing a single album, but who were vindicated nearly 30 years... more>>>

Olympus Has Fallen 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: An ex-Special Forces operative and former presidential bodyguard must fight to take back the White House from terrorists who have kidnapped the Commander in Chief in this high-stakes action thriller d... more>>>

Dog Pound 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: Three boys caught between youth and adulthood struggle to survive behind bars in this hard-hitting drama. Alex (Mateo Morales), Butch (Adam Butcher), and David (Shane Kippel) are teenage criminals who... more>>>

The Company You Keep 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: Working from a script by Lem Dobbs, Robert Redford directs and stars in THE COMPANY YOU KEEP as Jim Grant, a former member of the Weather Underground who has been hiding out under an assumed identity ... more>>>

The Big Wedding 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: When their adopted son Alejandro (Ben Barnes) announces his upcoming wedding to Missy (Amanda Seyfried), happily divorced parents Don (Robert De Niro) and Ellie (Diane Keaton) masquerade as if they we... more>>>

What Maisie Knew 

Releases: 2103-08-13
Synopsis: Scott McGehee and David Siegel's adaptation of Henry James' novel WHAT MAISIE KNEW stars Julianne Moore as Susanna, a self-involved rock star whose marriage to the equally egotistical Beale (Steve Coo... more>>>

I Killed My Mother 

Releases: 2103-08-13
Synopsis: A 16-year-old boy becomes obsessed with the tempestuous relationship he shares with his mother while drifting through early life and exploring the mysteries of adolescence. Hubert Minel doesn't love h... more>>>

Seconds (Criterion) 

Releases: 2013-08-13
Synopsis: Rock Hudson is a revelation in this sinister, science-fiction-inflected dispatch from the fractured 1960s. Seconds, directed by John Frankenheimer, concerns a middle-aged banker who, dissatisfied with... more>>>



A Virgin Among the Living Dead 

Releases: 2013-08-19
Synopsis: Pretty Christina (Christina von Blanc) encounters ghostly apparitions when she travels to a mansion in Honduras for the reading of her father's will. Thinking that she is going mad, Christina investig... more>>>

The Big City (Criterion) 

Releases: 2013-08-19
Synopsis: The Big City, the great Satyajit Ray?s first portrayal of contemporary life in his native Kolkata, follows the personal triumphs and frustrations of Arati (Madhabi Mukherjee), who decides, despite the... more>>>


Releases: 2013-08-19
Synopsis: An octogenarian couple find their love put to the ultimate test when one of them suffers a stroke, and the other must assume the role of the caretaker in this compassionate yet unsentimental drama fro... more>>>

Shadow Dancer 

Releases: 2013-08-19
Synopsis: Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough star in this drama directed by James Marsh (MAN ON WIRE, PROJECT NIM), and centering on the internal conflict experienced by an IRA revolutionary who is forced to bec... more>>>

Post Tenebras Lux 

Releases: 2013-08-19
Synopsis: An urban family living in rural Mexico finds those two realities colliding to surprising results in this drama from writer/director Carlos Reygadas (SILENT LIGHT, REVOLUCI?N)....more>>>



The Great Gatsby 

Releases: 2013-08-27
Synopsis: An aspiring writer falls under the spell of an aloof millionaire with designs for the young scribe's unhappily married cousin in director Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's celebrated ... more>>>


Releases: 2013-08-27
Synopsis: MAX MANUS co-directors Espen Sanberg and Joachim R?nning reteam for this sweeping adventure detailing Thor Heyerdahl's daring attempt to prove that early settlers from South America once populated Pol... more>>>

Eclipse Series 39: Early Fassbinder (Criterion) 

Releases: 2013-08-27
Synopsis: From the very beginning of his incandescent career, the New German Cinema enfant terrible Rainer Werner Fassbinder refused to play by the rules. His politically charged, experimental first films, made... more>>>

To Be or Not to Be (Criterion) 

Releases: 2013-08-27
Synopsis: As nervy as it is hilarious, this screwball masterpiece from Ernst Lubitsch stars Jack Benny and, in her final screen appearance, Carole Lombard as husband-and-wife thespians in Nazi-occupied Warsaw w... more>>>

Arthur Newman 

Releases: 2013-09-03
Synopsis: Dante Ariola's feature debut ARTHUR NEWMAN stars Colin Firth as Wallace Avery, a man so tired of his own life that he fakes his death and hits the road with a doctored ID and a new name. Along the way... more>>>


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