New and Coming Releases: August 21, 2012.


Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: Director Richard Linklater teams with writer Skip Hollandsworth for this darkly comic docudrama detailing the unusual friendship between a likable Texas mortician and... more>>>

The Dictator

Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: Comic Sacha Baron Cohen re-teams with director Larry Charles (BORAT, BRUNO) for this satirical tale of an oppressive, democracy-hating dictator and a goat-herder... more>>>

A Separation

Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: An Iranian couple plans to flee the country with their young daughter, but finds their marriage suffering after their plans fall through due to an unforeseen complication. more>>>

Weekend (Criterion)

Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: This sensual, remarkably observed, beautifully acted wonder is the breakout feature from British writer-director-editor Andrew Haigh. Rarely has a film been...more>>>

Post Mortem

Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: Love makes life complicated for one man as his country is thrown in chaos in this drama from director Pablo Larrain. It's 1973, and Mario (Alfredo Castro) makes his living... more>>>


Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: Alejandro Zambra's celebrated novella of love and literature comes to the screen in this film adaptation from director Cristian Jimenez. Julio (Diego Noguera) was an ... more>>>

Black Magic Rites

Releases: 2012-08-21
Synopsis: Director Renato Polselli (Delirium) delivers yet another sadomasochistic shocker set in a gothic castle. Hundreds of years ago, a Jack Nelson (Mickey Hargitay)... more>>>

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