New and Coming Releases: August 7, 2012.


Master Qi and the Monkey King

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: In a time when Peking Opera has fallen out of fashion, filmmaker Alan Govenar profiles an artist who has bravely attempted to bring this magnificent form of theater to the USA. Chinese Opera star Mrs.... more>>>

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: During the final days of Slobodan Milo?evic?s Serbian rule, a young film student named Marko (Mihajlo Jovanovic) becomes desperate to make a feature film. Finally getting a job as an adult film direct... more>>>

La promesse (Criterion)

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: La promesse is the breakthrough feature from Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, who would go on to become a force in world filmmaking. The brothers brought the unerring eye for detail and the compassion fo... more>>>

Rosetta (Criterion)

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: The Belgian filmmaking team of brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne turned heads with Rosetta, an intense v?rit? drama that closely follows a poor young woman struggling to hold on to a job to suppor... more>>>

Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the kibbutz movement's glorious 100-year history, Inventing Our Life reveals the heartbreak and hope of Israel's communal living experiment as a new generation of women and... more>>>

Fernando Di Leo's: Madness

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: From the writer of Caliber 9 and The Italian Connection comes Madness, starring Joe Dallesandro, a story about how a violent criminal, Joe Brezzi, breaks out of prison and, having stolen a car and kil... more>>>


Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: Former ballerina Marie Liljedahl became an international sex symbol after this provocative exploitation film from director Joe Sarno (My Body Hungers). Liljedahl stars as Inga, a studious virgin who g... more>>>

The Seduction of Inga

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: In this drama, a conniving employer seduces his lovely employee. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide... more>>>


The Raid: Redemption

Releases: 2012-08-14
Synopsis: A police raid on a Jakarta tenement building turns into a non-stop bloodbath when the drug dealer who owns it unleashes a furious barrage of fists, bullets, and blades, leaving the few remaining survi... more>>>

The Hunger Games

Releases: 2012-08-18
Synopsis: Based on the best-selling young-adult novel by author Suzanne Collins, THE HUNGER GAMES tells the dark tale of a 16-year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who is selected to compete... more>>>


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