New and Coming Releases: January 17, 2011.




Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: There are estimates that over a million people attempt to cross illegally from Mexico to the United States every year - some succeed, some don't. Aspiring director Travis (Scott Mechlowicz) and his cr... more>>>

Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star is a new comedy starring Nick Swardson, Christina Ricci, Don Johnson, and Stephen Dorff. Bucky (Swardson) is a small town grocery bagger, going nowhere in life -- until... more>>>


Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Set during the time of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Caterpillar tells the story of a Japanese soldier who returns home horrifically mutilated. Liutenant Kurokawa is literally nothing but a human tors... more>>>


Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: REDLINE is about the biggest and most deadly racing tournament in the universe. Only held once every five years, everyone wants to stake their claim to fame, including JP, a reckless dare-devil driver... more>>>

Australia After Dark

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Five years before he turned the world on with his schoolgirl sexploitation classic FELICITY, producer/director John Lamond made his indelible debut with this mondo-style look at the depraved underbell... more>>>

Bombay Beach

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Decades ago, the Salton Sea was a California tourist hotspot and a symbol of 1950s-era American optimism. Now in a state of environmental decline and abandonment, its inhabitants still cling to their ... more>>>


Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: TWILIGHT series star Taylor Lautner stars in director John Singleton's thriller about a teen who finds himself in mortal danger after realizing that his entire childhood has been built on lies. Realiz... more>>>

Ides Of March

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: George Clooney goes behind the camera for the fourth time to direct THE IDES OF MARCH, an adaptation of Beau Willimon's play Farragut North. The movie stars Ryan Gosling as Stephen Meyers, an idealist... more>>>

Eat This New York

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: New York City is perhaps as renowned for its fancy restaurants as for its art, culture, and architecture. In fall 2001, two old friends, John McCormick and Billy Phelps, decided they wanted to open a ... more>>>

United Red Army

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: In a stark depiction of the dissatisfaction that followed the demise of 60's idealism, UNITED RED ARMY follows the story of the titular leftwing Japanese terrorist group that came together in 1972 as ... more>>>

Eclipse Series 31 - Three Popular Films by Jean-Pierre Gorin

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Jean-Pierre Gorin, widely known for his collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard in the Dziga Vertov Group (including Tout va bien), established his personal voice with this trio of fascinating, nontradit... more>>>

Belle De Jour

Releases: 2012-01-17
Synopsis: Belle de Jour dramatizes the collision between depravity and elegance, one of the favorite themes of director Luis Bu?uel. Catherine Deneuve stars as a wealthy but bored newlywed, eager to taste life ... more>>>


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