New and Coming Releases: July 2, 2013.



I Spill Your Guts

Releases: 2013-07-16
Synopsis: This patriotic, retro-horror revenge flick runs red, white and blue with buckets of blood! When two friends are ambushed on the front lines of war, Joe takes all the credit as a hero while Dennis, the... more>>>

Lord of the Flies (Criterion Collection)

Releases: 2013-07-16
Synopsis: In the hands of the renowned experimental theater director Peter Brook, William Golding's legendary novel about the primitivism lurking beneath civilization becomes a film as raw and ragged as the los... more>>>

Babette's Feast (Criterion)

Releases: 2013-07-23
Synopsis: At once a rousing paean to artistic creation, a delicate evocation of divine grace, and the ultimate film about food, the Oscar-winning Babette?s Feast is a deeply beloved treasure of cinema. Directed... more>>>


Releases: 2013-07-23
Synopsis: A Filipino chauffer races to save his daughter from vicious kidnappers after she is abducted in a terrifying case of mistaken identity. Marlon Villar (Arnold Reyes) is a husband and father employed as... more>>>

The Silence

Releases: 2013-07-23
Synopsis: When the bicycle of 13-year-old Sinikka is discovered in the exact same wheat field where a heinous rape/murder took place 23 years prior, retired police detective Krischan (Burghart Klau?ner) senses ... more>>>


Releases: 2013-07-23
Synopsis: A thieving art auctioneer seeks the help of an alluring hypnotherapist in order to repair his damaged memory and recover the treasured Goya painting that he stashed following a brazen heist in this ki... more>>>


Releases: 2013-07-24
Synopsis: A solitary loan shark working for a ruthless moneylender seeks redemption after meeting a mysterious woman who claims to be his long-lost mother in this brutal crime drama from acclaimed South Korean ... more>>>


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