New and Coming Releases: July 31, 2012.

Le Havre (Criterion)

Releases: 2012-07-31
Synopsis: In this warmhearted comic yarn from Aki Kaurism?ki, fate throws the young African refugee Idrissa (Blondin Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (Andr? Wilms)... more>>>

Last Days Here

Releases: 2012-07-31
Synopsis: Chronicling the triumphs and downfalls of cult rock legend Bobby Liebling, LAST DAYS HERE is a powerful documentary about an underground icon who finds himself... more>>>

The Hunter

Releases: 2012-07-31
Synopsis: A man turns to violence after losing those he loves most in this taut drama from Iran. Ali (Rafi Pitts) is a reformed criminal who lives in a small flat in Tehran with his wife... more>>>

The Devil's Feast

Releases: 2012-07-31
Synopsis: When the beautiful Kumiko joins the editorial desk at a small local newspaper, the most deeply kept secrets of the rich and powerful leader of a religious cult suddenly... more>>>


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