New and Coming Releases: June 25, 2013.


Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: Over a decade in the making, Claude Lanzmann?s nine-hour-plus opus is a monumental investigation of the unthinkable: the murder of more than six million Jews by the Nazis. Using no archival footage, L... more>>>

The Call 

Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: An emergency operator receives a desperate call from a kidnapped teen, and races to locate the young victim while facing a terrifying killer from her own past in this thriller from director Brad Ander... more>>>

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 

Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: Down-on-his-luck Las Vegas magician Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) reunites with his old partner Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) to take on hip illusionist Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) in this comedy from... more>>>


Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: A shrewd young advertising executive gets recruited to help free Chile from the grip of dictator Augusto Pinochet in this historical drama set during a defining chapter in nation's history. The year i...more>>>

A Place at the Table 

Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: In an era when even many full-time workers rely on soup kitchens for sustenance, filmmakers Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush take us into the lives of three people who wage a daily struggle against... more>>>


Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: A low-level London drug dealer grows increasingly desperate as his bad luck snowballs, and his mounting debts make him the target of some particularly unsavory characters in this English-language rema... more>>>

In the Family 

Releases: 2013-06-24
Synopsis: In a heartfelt story woven around child custody, two-Dad families, loss, interracial relations, the American South, and the human side of the law, the nature of what it means to be in a family is expl... more>>>

Supporting Characters 

Releases: 2013-06-25
Synopsis: Daniel Schechter's comedy follows film editors and best friends Nick (Alex Karpovsky) and Darryl (Tarik Lowe) as they attempt to finish up their troubled most recent project, and each goes through som... more>>>

As Luck Would Have It 

Releases: 2013-06-25
Synopsis: An out-of-work advertising executive becomes the star attraction of the media circus while attempting to turn a freak accident into financial security for his adoring wife and beloved children in this... more>>>

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