New and Coming Releases: June 5, 2012.


The Turin Horse

Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: 1889. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche witnessed the whipping of a horse while traveling in Turin, Italy. He tossed his arms around the horse's neck to protect it then collapsed to the ground. I... more>>>

The Beat Hotel

Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: 1957, Paris. The Latin Quarter. A cheap no-name hotel becomes a haven for a new breed of artists struggling to free themselves from the conformity and censorship of America. Called the Beat Hotel, it ... more>>>

Casa De Mi Padre

Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: Is there any more fearless deadpan actor than Will Ferrell? Ferrell's silly, yet humble and believable turn in the comedy Casa de Mi Padre shows that the answer, mis amigos, is no. Ferrell gives a tou... more>>>


Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: Will Shepard is an American satellite-mapping engineer contracted to create a new, more accurate survey of the country of Armenia. Within the industry, his solitary work - land-surveying satellite ima... more>>>

Friends With Kids

Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: Jennifer Westfeldt wrote, directed, and stars in the romantic comedy FRIENDS WITH KIDS. She plays Julie, a Manhattanite whose biological clock is about to run out, so she convinces her longtime platon... more>>>


Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: Though no one can see him, Hollow Face lurks in the corners, desperately desiring love but only knowing how to spread fear and hate. He creeps into the life of John Farrow (Clive Owen) after Farrow's ... more>>>

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Releases: 2012-07-17
Synopsis: Don Siegel's classic exercise in psychological science fiction has often been interpreted as a cautionary fable about the blacklisting hysteria of the McCarthy era. It can be read as a political metap... more>>>

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