GreenCine Oscar Night Tweetup!

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Join us for GreenCine's 2nd Annual Oscar Night Tweet-up, featuring wit, snark, trivia, and punditry from brilliant minds of the film twittersphere.

We've got GreenCine Daily Editor @cobblehillis on board, plus these very special guest tweeters:

Craig Phillips (@cragiary)
Robert Greene (@prewarcinema)
Amy Monaghan (@Cinetrix)
Eric Kohn (@erickohn)
Craig Keller (@evillights)
Vadim Rizov (@vrizov)
..and more to come!

[See list of all the Oscar-nominated films here]

Click "tweets" on the chat window below to see updated tweets or go here:  And if you're a tweeter too, login to twitter and chime in with us!




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