New and Coming Releases: August 9, 2011.

Dream Home

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: Li-sheung is a woman obsessed. She has found the perfect home and it will be hers, no matter what the cost. Though she doesn t have the money, there is nothing she won't do for the security and prestige... more>>>

Cameraman: The Life And Work Of Jack Cardiff

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: Take a colorful trip through cinema history while discovering the incredible story of celebrated British cinematographer Jack Cardiff. more>>>


Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: An average guy reacts to the frustration of losing his wife by adopting a crime-fighting persona known as the "Crimson Bolt," and targeting any criminal who crosses his path -- no matter how minor the... more>>>

Jumping The Broom

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: Angela Bassett and Paula Patton headline this comedy about two vastly divergent African-American families who clash during a lavish weekend wedding at Martha's Vineyard.... more>>>

Your Highness

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: PINEAPPLE EXPRESS co-stars Danny McBride and James Franco reunite for director David Gordon Green's fantasy comedy YOUR HIGHNESS, which sends up such beloved '80s gems as KRULL and THE SWORD AND THE S... more>>>


Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: Two average sci-fi geeks get caught up in the ultimate interplanetary adventure after picking up an extraterrestrial during a road trip to Area 51 and becoming the targets of a nationwide manhunt. Gra... more>>>


Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: CLASH follows Trinh, a mercenary, assigned to recover a stolen hard drive containing codes to Vietnam's first satellite, the VINASAT.1. She creates an ensemble of specialists to regain control of the ... more>>>

Wide Open

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: Christina Lindberg and Solveig Andersson met before in the violent cult-classic, Thriller: A Cruel Picture and Swedish Wildcats. They meet yet again in Wide Open, Lindberg's last starring role in a fe... more>>>

Soul Eater, Part 3

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: This two disc release offers episodes 28-39 of the action packed anime series SOUL EATER, following the story of Maka and Soul, two students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy - taught by the Grim Re... more>>>

Soul Eater, Part 4

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: This release from the surreal anime series SOUL EATER includes episodes 40-51 of the series, following the story of Maka and Soul, two students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy - taught by the Grim... more>>>

Mars Needs Moms

Releases: 2011-08-09
Synopsis: His mother (voice of Joan Cusack) abducted by Martians intent on harvesting her maternal instincts to nurture their young, nine-year-old Milo (voice of Seth Green) stows away in an alien spacecraft bo... more>>>

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