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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Werner Herzog's nutzoid psychodrama-cum-policier Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (about which we spoke with Herzog last fall) stumbles to DVD next Tuesday, April 6—and GreenCine has 3 free copies to give away! There are two ways you can enter to win, social media style:

1. The Facebook Way

Join our official Facebook group. Then, followed by the hashtag #BadL, write a pithy comment on our wall about just how bad of a bad lieutenant you are. Did you once pull over a minivan full of Orthodox rabbis and force-feed them pork fried rice at gunpoint? Have you shaken down mentally retarded children for their lunch money? Ribald humor might be called for, but let's shy away from outright F-bombs. The way to win us over is naughtiness through wit, not vulgarity. Only one Facebook entry is allowed per person, and must be posted by Monday, April 5.

2. The Twitter Way

Follow us on Twitter. Again, including the hashtag #BadL, write an even pithier comment (since you're now down to 134 characters) about how bad of a bad lieutenant you are. You don't need to write @GreenCine since we can track the hashtag, but you must be following us to be eligible. Only one Twitter entry is allowed per person, and must be tweeted by Monday, April 5.

The writers of our three favorite entries will each be mailed a DVD on April 6. Good luck, let your soul dance, and get the iguanas off our coffee table!


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