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D. A. Pennebaker: Looking Back?

" In the midst of a tribute presented by the Documentary Film Institute last year, Jonathan Marlow had the opportunity to speak with D.A. Pennebaker about his remarkable fifty-year career. Best known for his music films, such as Monterey Pop and Down from the Mountain, Pennebaker is also responsible for a number of exceptional political documentaries -- The War Room, as director, Al Franken: God Spoke, as producer..." Pennebaker's outstanding documentary Don't Look Back starring Bob Dylan has been re-released with some spectacular extras, including 20 hours of never before seen footage accompanied by a 168 page booklet. Don't miss this re-issue!

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David Koepp: The Preeminent Scribe of the Screen

"It can, and should, be argued that you can make a bad movie out of a good script but you cannot make a good movie out of a bad script. If the screenplay has such impact on the resulting film, why does the preponderance of credit go to the director of the picture while the writer gets mentioned as an afterthought, if at all?" Jonathan Marlow spoke with screenwriter David Koepp about his craft and some of the films he's worked on including but not limited to; Spider-Man, Apartment Zero (now on DVD) and War of the Worlds.

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Babel: Bringing it All Together

The much lauded film drama Babel has made it's way to DVD, so let's take the opportunity to revisit our interview with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga. Michael Guillen spoke with Arriaga this past October.

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Lunacy as Auto-Therapy

Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmejer's latest film Lunacy is now on DVD. Jonathan Marlow attended a roundtable discussion with Svankmejer at the International Film Festival Rotterdam last year. That transcript is featured here for your reading pleasure.

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A Woman in Trouble
We've heard some great things about Inland Empire, David Lynch's first feature since Mulholland Dr. in 2001. The film will be opening in select theaters this Friday February, 9th. Lynch stuck around for a little Q & A after a screening at the Smith Rafael Film Center which Jonathan Marlow and Hannah Eaves were sharp enough to video. We've also got an interview and a transcript from a roundtable discussion Lynch and actress Laura Dern took part in back in December.

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Goings On

Viva Pedro!
Two time Academy Award winning director Pedro Almodovar has for years been treating audiences to provocative masterworks of film. Now, Viva Pedro, a collection of eight of Almodovar's works have been released on DVD - Michael Guillen brings us up to date on Pedro's films in his article; Almodovar's Fluid Identities. Read Article >>

Word Slinger and Cultural Archeologist Eddie Muller will be hosting the fifth annual Noir City film festival starting January, 26th at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Jonathan Marlow caught up with him at Noir City 3 to discuss the festival, his book Grindhouse and of course, Film Noir. Read Article >>

Xander Berkeley happens to be one of the most adaptable and talented actors working today. You can catch him in the new revenge western; Seraphim Falls, opening in select theaters Friday, January, 26th. Jonathan Marlow had a chance to talk with Xander about his career back in December. Read Article >>

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