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Another huge releasing day, even bigger than last week's. Includes several Oscar-nominated films, a few cult items and on low-budget indie with a lot of critical praise behind it:

The Departed: Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, Director (will Scorsese be a bridesmaid once again?) and Supporting Actor (Mark Wahlberg, just part of a stellar cast), this remake of the HK crime film Infernal Affairs [box set] took that story and ran with it. If it's not completely original, it's thrilling nonetheless. "The whole film is a powder keg on the verge," wrote GC's Craig Phillips in his Best of '06 list. The two disc special edition includes additional scenes with intros by Scorsese, a feature-length TCM profile on him and a profile of the real-life gangster behind Jack Nicholson's character.

Mutual Appreciation: Director Andrew Bujalski was interviewed on GreenCine on the subject of his black and white indie comedy. "The sort of unassuming discovery that could get lost in a crowd or suffer from too much big love," wrote Manhola Dargis in the NY Times, "and while it won't save or change your life, it may make your heart swell...

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New and Coming Releases:

February 6, 2007

This page is updated as we obtain more information regarding future releases, and as titles are added to rent (from request). Enjoy!

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Science Hellboy

This is the first great releasing day of the year so far, with a corncucopia of excellent films arriving on disc. Let's get right to 'em:

Besides making two [1, 2] of GreenCine's Best of 2006 lists, Michel Gondry's whimsical fantasia of a romantic comedy was certainly one of the most visually unique films of the past year. "Sweet, crazy, and tinged with sadness...a wondrous concoction," wrote J Hoberman. "

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