New and Coming Releases: June 9, 2009.

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Home: A Film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Releases: 2009-06-05
Synopsis: In 200,000 years on earth humanity has upset the balance of the planet, established by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it's too late to be a pessimist: humanity h... more>>>


Gran Torino

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: A racist Korean War veteran living in a crime-ridden Detroit neighborhood is forced to confront his own lingering prejudice when a troubled Hmong teen from his neighborhood attempts to steal his prize... more>>> 

Spinning into Butter

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: Sarah Jessica Parker produces and stars in stage director Mark Brokaw's adaptation the Rebecca Gilman play concerning a newly hired dean of students... more>>>

Fired Up! (Unrated)

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen headline this teen comedy concerning two high-school football players who attempt to avoid another summer at football camp by becoming cheerle... more>>>


Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: The perfect crime goes horribly, absurdly awry in this Spanish-language tale of avarice starring Y Tu Mamá También's Diego Luna. Told in real time, Nicoti... more>>>

Were the World Mine

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: Love is in the air thanks to a magic potion whipped up by an imaginative student in this playful independent comedy with music. Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is a bright young man who is attending an upscale... more>>>

Powder Blue

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, and Jessica Biel topline this ensemble drama regarding intersecting lives on Christmas Eve from writer/director ... more>>>

The Jack Lemmon Film Collection

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: After several years of domestic squabbles, the marriage of Nina and Robert Tracy (Judy Holliday, Jack Lemmon) goes "phffft"! Upon receiving their divorce papers, Nina and Robert are certain that they'... more>>>

Crossing Over

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, and Sean Penn star in Running Scared writer/director Wayne ... more>>>


Get Smart: Season 3

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: In this lighthearted spoof of the spy genre, Don Adams played Maxwell Smart, a secret agent who was anything but. Under the guidance of his long-suffering Chief (Edward C. Platt), and catty partner Ag... more>>>

Open All Hours: The Complete Series

Releases: 2009-06-09
Synopsis: A greedy, greedy London shop owner gets into all kinds of trouble in this comical episode of a popular British television show. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide... more>>>


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