New and Coming Releases: June 16, 2009.

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The Strange One

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Legendary actor Ben Gazzara made his feature film debut in The Strange One, recreating his Broadway role in Calder Willingham's gripping "End as a Man." more>>>

The Important Thing is to Love

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Servais, a reporter and photographer, meets Nadine Chevalier, an actress who is forced to earn her living by accepting roles unworthy of her real talent.  more>>>

RiffTrax: Plan 9 from Outer Space

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: There have been many, many Plan 9s all throughout history, some of them more successful than others, all of them terrestrial - it took a man with the vision of Ed Wood to show us the very real horrors... more>>>

The Seventh Seal (Criterion Special Edition)

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Endlessly imitated and parodied, Ingmar Bergman's landmark art movie The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde Inseglet) retains its ability to hold an audience spell... more>>>

Bergman Island (Criterion)

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman opens his soul to filmmaker Marie Nyreroed for a three-part documentary produced for Swedish television and offering the most intimate portrait of the director since... more>>>

Scott Walker: 30th Century Man

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Explore the life and career of a musical artist who penned some of the biggest hits of the 1960s before turning his back on fame and completely reinventing himself as a reclusive outsider artist. In t... more>>>

Friday the 13th (Extended Killer Cut)

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: A man in search of his missing sister stumbles across a deadly secret in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake as Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux duo Michael Bay and Marcus Nispel resurrect one of the silv... more>>>

Sword of the Stranger

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: No Name is a ronin who abandoned his name in troubled times, and who vowed to never unsheathe his sword again. Luo-Lang is a blond-haired, blue-eyed Western assassin working for the Ming Dynasty who f... more>>>

Burn Notice: Season 2

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: The Burn gets even hotter with Burn Notice Season 2 on DVD for the first time. This all-new four-disc DVD collection includes all 16 episodes from Season 2 and over 3 hours of special features, includ... more>>>

Last Holiday (Criterion Essential Art House Collection)

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Informed that he has only a short time to live, salesman Alec Guinness decides to enjoy his last months to the fullest. He withdraws all his savings from the bank and heads to a posh hotel. Here he ma... more>>>

Baccano! Vol. 4

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: The train is pulling in and the mobsters and monsters who populate this caper are ready to settle a score that's been a long time coming. But this ain't about revenge or pride. This is about the ins a... more>>>

What Goes Up

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: HAMLET 2's Steve Coogan makes a departure from traditional comedy with this drama set in the days before the launch of the Challenger shuttle. The British actor stars as Campbell Babbitt, a journalist... more>>>

Cherry Blossoms

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: An elderly husband suffering from a terminal illness begins to appreciate his wife on a whole new level after she dies suddenly during a trip to see their children and grandchildren in Berlin. Rudi is... more>>>

The Perfect Sleep

Releases: 2009-06-16
Synopsis: Anton Pardoe, Roselyn Sanchez, and Patrick Bachau star in this nightmarish film noir about a tortured soul who returns to the city he vowed to leave behind in order to save the woman he knows he can n... more>>>


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