New and Coming Releases: January 19, 2010.

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Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy (Criterion)

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Roberto Rossellini is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. And it was with his trilogy of films made during and after World War II - Rome Open City, Paisan, and Germany Year Zero - that... more>>>

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Legendary musical superstar Michael Jackson takes the stage one last time in this theatrical concert film compiled from over 100 hours of rehearsal footage for the 50 shows he had been scheduled to pe... more>>>

Bright Star

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: The tragic but intensely passionate love affair between Romantic poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and the radiant Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) is detailed in this romantic period drama from critically ac... more>>>

Schoolgirl Report, Vol. 6: What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Impulse Pictures presents the sixth volume of the best-selling SCHOOLGIRL REPORT erotic film series. After two students are caught doing extra-curricular activities in an abandoned school classroom, t... more>>>

Drive-In Grindhouse

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Farmer's Other Daughter: Salesman Jim Huckleberry (William Michael) isn't much interested in agriculture until he meets farmer's daughter June (Judy Pennebaker), which greatly increases his willingnes... more>>>

Quiet Chaos

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: With Quiet Chaos (Caos Calmo), acclaimed Italian helmer Nanni Moretti steps away from his standard directorial role to essay the lead and co-author the script in a gentle psychological drama directed ... more>>>

Whip It

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut with Whip It!, the story of an ex-beauty pageant contestant named Bliss (played by Juno's Ellen Page) who leaves her crowns behind after joining a roller-der... more>>>

Paris, Texas (Criterion)

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) is wandering through the Texas desert, a bit shaky and in desperate need of water, when he stumbles into a bar and collapses. A German doctor of dubious credentials finds a... more>>>


Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Bruce McDonald, critically acclaimed director of The Tracey Fragments, teams with author Tony Burgess to adapt Burgess' own novel about a small town in the grip of a mysterious frenzy. It may be Valen... more>>>


Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: The filmmaking trio behind the hit sci-fi sequel Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines re-team to explore a future in which humans live in isolation while only communicating with their ... more>>>

The Boys Are Back

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Prime Suspect writer Allan Cubitt adapts U.K. sportswriter Simon Carr's popular novel about a successful sports journalist who is suddenly saddled with the responsibility of raisin... more>>>

Saw VI

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Lionsgate's money-making franchise is back with this sixth entry in the Saw film series. The editor for all of the previous films, Kevin Greutert, makes his directorial debut with this picture, once a... more>>>

Soul Power

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Presented in conjunction with the landmark "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match between famed pugilists Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Zaire '74 was a three-day music festival in Kinshasa that was or... more>>>


Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: Director Ulrich Seidl's quirky drama Import/Export unfolds against the backdrop of contemporary Europe. As Ukrainian nurse Olga (Ekateryna Rak) leaves her family and heads west to search for a better ... more>>>

Little Ashes

Releases: 2010-01-26
Synopsis: For years, scholars have debated the nature of the relationship between surrealist painter Salvador Dali and poet Federico Garcia Lorca; director Paul Morrison's Little Ashes delves into their persona... more>>>


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