Michael Moore picks favorite DVDs on NPR

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Documentary filmmaker and rabble-rouser Michael Moore gave NPR a list of some of his favorite DVDs, even though he admits he doesn't watch DVDs. But hey, just because he's not a potential GreenCine member doesn't mean this isn't a useful list for all of us. GreenCine has all of the films mentioned for rent.

Here's just the first one, and then a link to the whole article on NPR.org.

Czech Dream (2004) You'll be hard-pressed to find a theater playing the documentary project Czech Dream, in which film-school students Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda dress up as CEOs to fake the elaborate opening of a fictional megastore and record the hype surrounding it. The duo uses bogus ad campaigns to reveal the power of consumer culture in the formerly socialist Czech Republic.

 It almost sounds like something Moore would do -- except he says he never could. Moore says because Czech Dream takes place in a country that, unlike the U.S., is new to capitalism, it's much more insightful than anything he could have made.

"I'm caught up probably just as much in the consumer culture as the next person," Moore says. "[The film] had more to say about us than about people in the Czech Republic."

"It was funny, which is so rare in documentaries," Moore says. "I've been encouraging documentary filmmakers to use more and more humor, and they're loath to do that because they think if it's a documentary it has to be deadly serious -- it has to be like medicine that you're supposed to take. And I think it's what keeps the mass audience from going to documentaries."

Bottom line: "I just loved it."

Whole story on NPR.org


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This is a topic which is near to my heart... Best wishes! Exactly where are your contact details though?

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npr's list is incomplete

the full list is here, apparently

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