New and Coming Releases: June 15, 2010

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Mystery Train (Criterion)

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Written and directed by the ever-unpredictable Jim Jarmusch, Mystery Train is comprised of three short anecdotes involving foreign tourists in Tennessee.  more>>>

Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: The Southeast Asian nation of Burma (also known as Myanmar) has been under the control of a military dictatorship since a coup toppled the elected prime minister in 1962. more>>>

Youth in Revolt

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Superbad's Michael Cera discovers a vacation romance in Youth in Revolt, a teen comedy from Charlie Bartlett's screenwriter, Gustin Nash, and director Miguel Arteta (Chuck & Buck). more>>>

The Book of Eli

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and violent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect ... more>>>


Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Michael Ruppert is an independent journalist who has made a minor career out of telling people news that most folks do not want to know. Ruppert, a former police officer... more>>>

Happy Tears

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Teeth director Michael Lichtenstein takes a sharp turn from teen-oriented satire to mature family drama with this semi-autobiographical story concerning a pair  ... more>>>

Mary and Max

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Academy Award-winning Harvie Krumpet director Adam Elliot returns to the world of clay animation with this simple tale of the innocent correspondence between a portly ... more>>>

Sex Positive

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Documentary filmmaker Daryl Wein explores the life and legacy of revolutionary gay S & M hustler-turned-AIDS activist Richard Berkowitz, whose noble efforts in promoting... more>>>

When in Rome

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: Disillusioned with romance during her whirlwind trip to Rome, an ambitious New Yorker defiantly swipes a few magic coins from a "foolish" wishing fountain, inadvertently... more>>>

The Horseman

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary man turns to violence in this independent thriller from Australia. Christian Forteski (Peter Marshall) is a businessman whose teenage daughter ... more>>>

Divided Heaven

Releases: 2010-06-15
Synopsis: A young woman reflects back on the last two years of her life: her love for Manfred, a talented chemist; his enthusiasm for his success, which turn to bitter disappointment... more>>>


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