New and Coming Releases: July 13, 2010

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Harmony and Me

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: Harmony (Justin Rice) follows his heart to the curb, right where it's been kicked by Jessica (Kristen Tucker). While she has moved on, Harmony has not and his family is tired of hearing about it. more>>>

The Japanese Wife

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: Snehamoy, a school teacher in a small village in the Sunderbans, finds a penpal in the Japanese girl, Miyage, who runs a grocery store in Japan. The duo build a beautiful relationship and even marry t... more>>>

The Greatest

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: Tragedy opens the wounds a family has long struggled to ignore in this powerful emotional drama. Bennett Brewer (Aaron Johnson) was a bright, handsome, and talented young man who was suddenly killed i... more>>>

Two Films by Yasujiro Ozu (Criterion): The Only Son / There Was a Father

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: These rare early films from Yasujiro Ozu are considered by many to be two of the Japanese director's finest works, paving the way for a career among the most sensitive and significant in cinema. The O... more>>>


Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: An untrusting wife attempts to prove that her husband is cheating by hiring an escort to seduce him, inadvertently endangering her entire family in the process. Catherine (Julianne Moore) is a respect... more>>>

Terribly Happy

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: Temporarily reassigned to the provincial Danish town of South Jutland after being accused of professional misconduct in Copenhagen, a by-the-books policeman begins to sense that the flowery facade of ... more>>>


Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: A two-bit criminal gets a shot at redemption while traveling through Southeast Asia in this 2006 drama from director Guy Moshe. Ron Livingston stars Patrick, a low-level con man who sc... more>>>


Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: A fortysomething New Yorker in the throes of a midlife crisis falls for his brother's assistant while house-sitting for his sibling in Los Angeles. Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) is single and jobless.... more>>>

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. 18

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: The crew of the Satellite of Love - Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and Gypsy - is in for a truly rare treat when they take on the most powerful threat to come out of Russia (and Finland) since ... more>>>

Film Noir Classics Collection, Vol. 5

Releases: 2010-07-13
Synopsis: Cornered (1945, 102 min.): From England to continental Europe to Buenos Aires, ex-RCAF pilot Dick Powell stalks the Nazi collaborator who murdered his bride. But one fact constantly surfaces during h... more>>>



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