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Viva Pedro!
Two time Academy Award winning director Pedro Almodovar has for years been treating audiences to provocative masterworks of film. Now, Viva Pedro, a collection of eight of Almodovar's works have been released on DVD - Michael Guillen brings us up to date on Pedro's films in his article; Almodovar's Fluid Identities. Read Article >>

Word Slinger and Cultural Archeologist Eddie Muller will be hosting the fifth annual Noir City film festival starting January, 26th at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Jonathan Marlow caught up with him at Noir City 3 to discuss the festival, his book Grindhouse and of course, Film Noir. Read Article >>

Xander Berkeley happens to be one of the most adaptable and talented actors working today. You can catch him in the new revenge western; Seraphim Falls, opening in select theaters Friday, January, 26th. Jonathan Marlow had a chance to talk with Xander about his career back in December. Read Article >>

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