Best Bond Movie Ever?

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Lotte Lenya's foot

I put FRWL at the top for being my first Bond back in the days, but mostly for that switchblade shoe used so nastily by Lotte Lenya...pure evil Doctor ! Great film villainess.

Jethro Bodine, double-00 spy?

My best memory of that device is when Jethro Bodine was making like he was a "double-nought" spy.  He concocted a spring-load blade in his shoe that sprang out in the wrong direction, naturally.  Proto-austin powers?This was in The Beverly Hillbillies, naturally..

guilty pleasure

Man with the golden gun.  Terrible theme song, there's that stupid whistle sound effect when Bond does the corkscrew jump, and Scaramanga's island is mysteriously bereft of evil henchmen.  BUT it has a cool concept for a bad guy ($1M a hit, one golden bullet), it has "travelogue" aspect which is lost in all the noisy action of the later bond films, and the golden gun itself is a singularly memorable bond universe device.  You've got Moore smoking a cigar (something Bond would never do, but Moore does).

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Lazerby isn't as bad as people think. Plus, it has Diana Rigg and that great Louie Armstrong tune.


That is one of the best. Good story, solidly made, even moving at the end. And Lazenby was just fine. He wasn't Sean Connery however, and is always punished for that. But OHMSS is far superior to Diamonds are Forever, which Connery made after coming back to the fold.

I prefer...

Tomorrow Never Lives and Lets Die Another Day to Kill, but that's just me. As for Michelle Yeoh, she did kick ass in that one. The movie's quite fun, except for much ridiculousness in the plotting, but that's often the case in Bond flicks. Speaking of title songs, there are a lot of people out there who dig the Duran Duran theme for View to a Kill... but I'm not one of them.

Live and Let Die

only A View to akill can touch it in terms of Bond movies as revelation of embarrassing cultural zeitgeist. we all know Roger Moore was the only convincing drunk out of the lot. and who doesn't love the guns n' roses version of the title song? well, i do!

Tomorrow Never Dies

For Michelle Yeoh if nothing else.

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