Best of '06: Best Anime on DVD

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GreenCine Best of 2006

By Julie Newcomb

Ergo Proxy: An end of the year release, this series features a textured environment reminiscent of Blade Runner and hints at plenty of plot twists to come.

Planetes: In an art form known for taking things over the top, Planetes keeps things grounded in this realistic sci-fi series. [Complete Collection]

Gantz: Existential meditation on death and futility, or shameless wallow in sex and violence? It might just be both. [Season One box set is available here.]
Hellsing Ultimate: After a TV run that seemingly ran out of steam a few years ago, Gonzo revives the franchise with style.

Paradise Kiss: Another year-end release, Yazawa Ai's short series mixes fashion with a surprisingly subtle love story.

Howl's Moving Castle: A new Studio Ghibli film is always an event, and Howl's US release was satisfyingly prompt at a mere 3 months behind Japan. Its 2006 DVD release was all the sweeter alongside the coming-of-age charmer Whisper of the Heart and the long-awaited Japanese-language Totoro.

Gankutsuou: This knockout series smoothly transports The Count of Monte Cristo to a far-future France while perfectly maintaining the best-served-cold tone of the original, all with a dazzling and distinctive art style.

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