Eon McKai: Art School Smut

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By Jonathan Marlow

"You have to dance around it."

While the casual viewer might argue that all roads in the adult entertainment business have been explored, there are still some trailblazers in the business trying to make things interesting again. Chief among them is Eon McKai [web site], kingpin of the nascent alt.porn genre. As Jonathan Marlow interrupts him in the midst of editing his latest, Neu Wave Hookers, the two discuss the history of the industry and the introduction, only twelve months ago, of a whole new style of adult filmmaking.

You have a film degree, which is unusual in this business. Where did you go to school?

I'll never say!

It's a secret.

It's a secret. I've got a master's degree in film from a real film school. I also went to art school, too.


Which was, at least in part, an inspiration for your first adult feature, Art School Sluts. There are a few scenes in the film that were inspired by real incidents?

There's a lot of real stuff in there. There's also a send up of filmmaker and artist Morgan Fischer - that scene where she was taking photographs and then you're watching them develop. I guess you kind of insert your personality in-between the sex scenes when you make a feature.

You came to VCA with this idea?


What made you decide to go with them?

I've always been interested in adult film and it just seemed like an interesting way to have a job and do something fun. I know that's really basic, but that's just how I'm feeling right now. I ask myself, too, "Why did I start doing this?" I guess it's a lot of fun. It really is. With VCA, I snuck in at a time when things were in turmoil and some people gave me a shot - Wit Maverick and Antonio Passolini, and I got a help from Jane Hamilton (Veronica Hart) and Jim Malibu. I got to hang out on their sets and see how they did it. Now I'm coming up with my own way to do it but that was basically my way into VCA. They were pretty nervous about the idea at first. You know, alt.porn hadn't really been tried on video. You had goth stuff, that's all anybody knew. Their only frame of reference to anything I was doing was goth. I would just kind of nod and say, "Just trust me." It seemed to work, though.

Was music also pushing you in this direction? In addition to a different look for your actors, the sound in your film is obviously quite distinct. You use emo, drum and bass...

Yeah, absolutely. I have a lot of experimental stuff, a lot of breakcore and higher caliber stuff from real people. In Neu Wave Hookers, we're getting an almost all electro soundtrack with people like Dirty Sanchez and Electrocute, Gold Chains - you're from San Francisco, are you familiar with Gold Chains?


Gold Chains is on the soundtrack. Topher [Lafata] was actually one of the first people I approached because he made records with dirty lyrics. Gold Chains was by himself just talking about ass and pussy in an ironic, hip-hop way. Then, when he started doing stuff with his backup singer, Sue Cie, their last record they did together was all about being in a relationship and sex and stuff like that. I thought it was pretty interesting, so it'd be good to put into a porno movie.

I read your piece with Joanna [Angel] where she said we were such buddies. We really are good friends. We stuck together through some shit during the last year and we think the same way. I believe there will be more and more people who'll get into what we do, the more we fly the flag that we're making these kind of movies.

Ideally it won't immediately attract folks that crassly co-opt the space.

I think that you can tell the difference. What's happening right now, there is this misnomer that you have to be super hip or some kind of brainiac to get into these movies. That's just not the case. I think certain people are starting to feel a little threatened because they don't have an eye for it. You know, I don't watch tranny porn. I'm not really threatened by the fact that it's there. I would like all porn to have a place on the shelf, a place for my movie to be among other movies like it. That's what we're fighting now, but we're getting a little bit of that. Like, "Oh, alt.porn doesn't exist. You guys are a bunch of..." You know. It's really been interesting. You work with GameLink, so you know. The distributors are really starting to respond to the titles positively.

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