Indiana Jones 4: Care or Don't Care?

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young indiana jones chronicles

There was an episode of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (tv series based on, well, you figure it out...) that featured Harrison Ford in a flash-forward to an Indy in the 1950s.  He was still in pretty good form at the time -- and I think this was already quite a few years after the last Indy movie had been made.  Guess it's now time for the Old Indiana Jones Chronicles.

It's got a kid in it, It'll suck!

Just like Superman Returns, Just like The Mummy Returns, just like the Legend of Zorro. Just like The Phantom Menace. 'Nuff said.

Or like...

.every sitcom when a kid is introduced after the fact - that's usually the "jump the shark" moment. Shia Le Bouef is a pretty decent actor, as young 'uns go, if it's actually him, but yeah, that's one thing I don't trust Spielberg with - depiction of the kids.

A trilogy it should stay...

Leave the "Indiana Jones" movies alone. Let's not forget the "Star Wars" trilogy, which was doubled with three of the worst films of all time. Don't ruin this great Harrison Ford character!

Yeah, although...

... I have the same exact worry, but at least they're not doing a trilogy of backstory like the Star Wars flicks, and at least they have Spielberg directing it (say what you want about him, you can usually rely on his films not sucking - especially not the way the newer Star Wars films did). But Ford's getting a bit long in the tooth for the adventurer/action role, that's for sure, and I pray they don't make this all schmaltzy/cheesy (since his son is a character in it). Weirdly, it sounds like Karen Allen is in it reprising her role from the first one. I always liked her. So my hopes are not high, but expecting something better than Phantom Menace. ;-)

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