Play Ball! Best Baseball Movie Ever?

underdog's picture
Bad News Bears (original)
17% (41 votes)
Bull Durham
14% (34 votes)
Eight Men Out
4% (10 votes)
Major League
7% (18 votes)
Field of Dreams
10% (25 votes)
A League of Their Own
6% (15 votes)
The Natural
14% (35 votes)
The Sandlot
10% (24 votes)
Other (comment below)
5% (13 votes)
I hate baseball and baseball movies, nyah!
13% (33 votes)
Total votes: 248


Where are the older BB films?

Growing up, I fell in love with "The Stratton Story" w/ Jimmy Stewart and "Pride of the Yankees".

They are my two top favorites. From the poll, I would take "The Natural", but there are too many missing.

  • "The Jackie Robinson Story"
  • "The Pride of St. Louis"
  • "The Babe Ruth Story"
  • etc....

Yeah, Pride...

...really is a classic, we probably should have included that one. I have a soft spot in my heart for the others you mentioned too (and for Rhubarb, too - did you ever see that one? A cat owns a baseball team! As a kid I loved that one but it hasn't aged well...) The Jackie Robinson Story - which we have here - is historically important since Jackie himself is in it, but I find it a little clunky and low budget... still worth watching though.

The Stratton Story always made me teary eyed, along with Pride.

It Happens Every Spring is another oldie but goodie.

The Pride of the Yankees

and Ken Burns documentary should be on the list.

All good

Thought about Pride of the Yankees, too - a true classic! Still.

It Happens Every Spring is another oldie but goodie - in a more comic vein.

The Burns doc is really important - I think we left it out just because it's more of a series than a one-shot movie - but then again it's a documentary, a film, and required viewing for any fan of the game. So many to choose from, indeed.

OVERLOAD!! Too many good baseball movies.

There are just so many good baseball films for a junkie like me. A few that are not on this list and and wouldn't be considered in the "Best Ever" catagory, but are worth a look.

--Bang The Drum Slowly is maybe the saddest baseball movie ever. Staring a young Bobby DiNiro

--Soul of the Game is a well acted HBO feature about Negro League greats Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige & Josh Gibson.

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