GreenCine Fires Up New Version

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We're upgrading the GreenCine system with new community capabilities. If you're looking for the standard, old fashioned GreenCine site, CLICK HERE.

As you all know, GreenCine has been the vanguard of independent movie viewing online. As of now, you can register with GreenCine for FREE to comment on articles and email pages to friends. We're still maintaining the web's best Rent-by-Mail [register] and Video-on-Demand services for your continued viewing pleasure.


The GreenCine Team


General discussion

Any chance non-renting people will be allowed to use the (admittedly inactive) message boards? That would be...excellent!

The movie digg thing sounds kind of cool, too.

Re: General Discussion

That's the next thing on the list, upgrading to a new discussion technology and allowing non GC-renters to chime in to the discussion. This will probably have various levels of poster, as they do on other php discussion boards. We'll first be updating/finalizing the design here first, and then will work on getting this up. Will take a bit of testing and then we'll be there. This will be great because it will allow more people, more variety, we'll get some filmmakers to pop in as they on our blogs and so forth, making the community more active again, and more 21st century. ;-) Thanks!CP

what a mess...

can't find my rental queue anymore, and on top of that the site keeps sending me around in circles, first asking me to login and then acknowledging that I am already logged in, but if I try to go to dvd rentals, it either tries to get me to log in again, or sends me to the rental registration page, even though I already have an account.

You guys better fix this mess soon or I will be outta here. No point in paying the monthly rental fee when I can't even find my rental queue.

gah! Why can't people wait until they've produced a complete and workable set of code before throwing out the old?

are you allowing new

are you allowing new cookies?
You have to be logged into both the old and new sites, but after that it should work.
Click on dvd rentals (that orange button, above). Actually, as long as you only navigate in the old site, you don't have to log into the new.


Looks like another site has fallen under the spell of Drupal.

Too bad you guys couldn't wait until you were done with the site to put it up. :p

It kinda looks like ass in Firefox 2.0 on the Mac

The rounded corners have artifacts behind them, and the text gets cut off at the top and bottom of each box.

I'm getting the corner issues on the orange buttons

but no text cropping, here.
FF2.0.0.2 on a PPC Mac.

edit: oh yes, "add a comment" is cropped.

You've been a member for how long?

I notice that our GC membership history pops up under the view tab. Hm... I don't know what to think about that.

Don't worry...

This is one of those things that will change soon... look for more interesting things (and more options) in that space soon.  Wow, I've been here a long time.


hopefully this will lead to those long-termer discounts mentioned elsewhere :)

New GreenCine System

Wow, I feel all... bloggy.

Yeah, currently, the new

Yeah, currently, the new system is kinda bloggy. For old-time visitors of our site, it's a throw-back to two years ago. We're working on sprucing up landing pages if you're more rental-focused, say. But we also want to address a part of the greencine constituency which is readers interested in film festival coverage, let's say. Or the controversy having do with the subject matter of a movie (Inconvenient Truth; Who Killed the Electric Car?; Devil Came on Horseback) -- we'll be able to do this better by sectioning out the site into article and discussion focus on "controversy" say and putting it into've got a new look for the site coming (hopefully later today) and lots more to come with ways for you to!Dennis WooManaging Partner, GreenCine


Soon you'll feel blocky, too, as we upgrade the design/look of the thing. But yeah, maybe if you're good, we'll let you have your own blog here, too. ;-)


You'll dig the new discussion boards when those are up, too - which will be within 1-2 weeks.

too bad there's no cinematic version of

Perhaps you guys can fill that role, actually. Let people send links over from industry sites and review blogs, for voting in Guru, or something? You'd get a lot more visibility that way, as an effectively selective aggregator.

Ah, I don't mean to tip our hand...

Ah, I don't mean to tip our hand, artifex, but we are reviewing a "movie digg" capability.


BTW, since GC has a page on MySpace, etc., you might consider joining another social networking site, It's got a bonus feature of aggregating your blogs and pages from the other sites. Pretty nifty!


Be careful with those php bulletin boards. There are lots and lots of bots with spamming scripts. BBphp, for example, requires some further modifications beyond the standard visual verification to prevent a bot onslaught.

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