Poll: Best documentary about Iraq?

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  • Tengixs

    Es evidente que hay mucho que saber sobre esto. Creo que hizo algunas cosas buenas en características también. Sigue trabajando, gran trabajo!
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    William C. Watkins

    The most beneficial documents about the Iraq battle (so far) usually are IRAQ William C. Watkins AVAILABLE FOR SALE: THIS CONFLICT PROFITEERS as well as UNCOVERED: THIS CONFLICT ABOUT IRAQ.

    I agree...Hijacking Catastrophe

    Hijacking Catastrophe the only film that exposes the current who's who of the military industrial complex as the criminals behind an illegal war in iraq and also raises some alarming questions of their involvement in sept 11 attacks. it is powerful and blows away Fahrenheit 911.

    Hijacking Catastrophe

    Instead of Michael Moore's ill-conceived focus on the Saudis, Hijacking Catastrophe shines the spotlight on the neo-con policy shapers who planned to invade Iraq long before 9/11.

    None of the above

    The best docs on the Iraq war (so far) are IRAQ FOR SALE: THE WAR PROFITEERS and UNCOVERED: THE WAR ON IRAQ.

    Good addition

    ..thanks! Definitely should be on anyone's Iraq Doc viewing list!

    Control Room

    was really good. It mainly focused on the media covering Iraq and how our information gets filtered and changed from just about every source.

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