Screenings in Seattle: GC members get on the guest list

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GreenCine is proud to be a sponsor of an excellent film event in Seattle put together by our friends at The Warren Report: The Act Now series of monthly screenings of stellar, progressive documentaries.

Their first screening was this past Tuesday - the stirring eco-doc The 11th Hour, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio - at the Seattle Art Museum, but there will be a bunch more throughout the fall. If you're a GreenCine member and would like to get on the guest list to see these screenings for free, email us at to let us know. Then we can tell The Warren Report who is coming and how many.

The screening schedule:

September 7: CLASS ACT (touching doc about art education in schools)
October 26: RUNNING DRY (scary doc about the global water crisis)
November 16: ORANGE REVOLUTION (about a group of ordinary citizens engaged in extraordinary acts of political protest in the Ukraine)
December 14: TBA

Let us know which of these you'd like to attend, your name and GreenCine member name, and an email address, and we'll put you on the list!



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