Who SHOULD win Best Director Oscar? (Will Marty Finally Win?)

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Alejandro González Iñárritu/Babel
16% (6 votes)
Martin Scorsese/The Departed
49% (18 votes)
Clint Eastwood/Letters from Iwo Jima
8% (3 votes)
Stephen Frears/The Queen
8% (3 votes)
Paul Greengrass/United 93
19% (7 votes)
They forgot my favorite! (vote, then comment below)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 37


It's true, the oscars have

It's true, the oscars have long eluded Scorsese. Although he is a gifted director, his movies are hit and miss. Too bad they are not all as good as Taxi Driver, which of course is not really commercial enough to win an Oscar. On the other hand, Mr. Gonzalez has made three films, all of them very good. I know he's still young, but his work is consistently strong. He won't win, but I still like him the best!

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings but am rooting for Scorsese despite that. I thought the Departed was great, but definitely far cry from his finest efforts. After he lost to Costner (Goodfellas vs. Dances With Wolves) I had sort of given up. On the other hand, I thought Eastwood's direction of Iwo Jima was flawless and if he hadn't already beaten Scorsese previously I would be okay with him getting it this year. (You never know, he still could.) And you're right, Inarritu is a great filmmaker, too. I still think Amores Perros is his best work,  but all 3 films have been superbly filmed.  Fears' direction is sometimes sniffed at but his work with actors is superb and I thought The Queen pretty flawless, too.DIdn't seen United 93 - anyone have thoughts on that one? I've seen Greengrass' other films and know his work is immediate and great.  Tough crowd. But I think sentiment will be with Scorsese this year...

Give it to Marty.....

I hope they give it to Scorsese.  One of my favorite directors and long suffering the oscar snub.  Clint already has one.......

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