Twilight Zone The Movie poll: Which is the best segment?

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Segment 1...

...also makes me kinda sad because of the tragedy around Vic Morrow's on set death - and the two children. Which also forced them to truncate the ending. I think that actually would've been a pretty solid one if not for what happened while shooting. I like the Joe Dante one, especially when I was a kid, cartoonish and scary. The last one still terrifies me, especially since I hate flying. The 2nd one is one people either hate or love for some reason. It it is too schmaltzy for my taste, like Cocoon, but I don't hate it... I think the linking segments with Dan Aykroyd are the scariest parts!

Frankly I never liked

Frankly I never liked segments one or two at all. Two being the most terrible and just brimming with Speilbergian schmaltz.

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