GreenCine Member of the Month Award

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GreenCine Member of the Month Award!

If you haven't yet been a contributor to GreenCine's community - posting in our forums, writing reviews, creating lists - now would be a good time to start. Starting in January, we'll be giving out a cool prize to a designated GreenCine Member of the Month! The winner will be someone who contributed a lot to our site in reviews, comments, lists, postings and so on. It's a staff pick, but the more you post and the higher ratings your reviews get, the better your chances of winning. And if you don't win this month, there's always next month. This month: Win a $30 Amazon gift certificate!

If you'd like to nominate yourself or another GreenCine member, drop us a line at, with "GreenCine member of the month nomination: {member name}" in the subject header. Good luck!

* You can comment on articles

* Private messaging to others in the GreenCine community -- and more features coming soon!

* Keep apprised of happenings in the world of films festivals, independent, international, cult, classic, horror movies and more!

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