Post-Oscars: Most Surprising Result?

underdog's picture
Inconvenient Truth winning Best Song over Dreamgirls
56% (14 votes)
Alan Arkin over Eddie Murphy for Supporting Actor
12% (3 votes)
The Departed winning Best Picture
12% (3 votes)
Michael Mann's "America" montage sucking
8% (2 votes)
That there were NO surprises
12% (3 votes)
Total votes: 25


Pan's Labyrinth!

It was a bit of surprise to me that the sentiment for Pan's Labyrinth didn't score it the best foreign film nod.

Lives of Others...

I might have been more surprised had I not seen the brilliant Lives of Others a few days prior to the Oscars, and also saw how all the reviews were unilaterally raves for that one. Maybe it had more momentum than Pan's over the past few weeks because of more recent release? At least Pan's won a few other categories - did pretty well overall! Kudos to both.

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