Rifftrax THIS!

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You suffered through the films once - if at all - and wonder why you should suffer through them again. Well, Mike Nelson, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000, [interviewed here] and pals, bring you a new reason to suffer through them again. Rifftrax is the brainchild of Nelson and MST3K's Kevin Murphy (voice of Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (2nd voice of Crow), and does what MST couldn't: riff on newer films they never would have gotten the rights to.

Rifftrax is simple: you go to their site, download the desired commentary track, rent or buy the related film (from GreenCine, ahem) and then play them together for some good ol' fashioned yuks. You haven't seen (and heard) Road House until you've heard their take on it.

Here's a bunch of films that have been appropriately Rifftrax'ed. Go to their page on GreenCine to rent or buy the DVD, and then click on the Rifftrax link to download the MP3 commentary track. Fun for the whole family!


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