New and Coming Releases: Dec 16, 2008.

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Burn After Reading

Releases: 2008-12-21
Synopsis: A CIA agent who is currently in the process of writing a book loses the disc containing his only manuscript in this comedic tale of espionage that reunites filmmaking duo Joel and Ethan Coen... more>>>

Hamlet 2

Releases: 2008-12-21
Synopsis: Steve Coogan stars in the comedy Hamlet 2, which follows a drama teacher who tries to put together a production of "Hamlet 2" to rescue his high-school theater department. <a href='/cha... more>>>

The Women

Releases: 2008-12-21
Synopsis: Veteran producer/director Diane English (The Lathe of Heaven, Murphy Brown) helms this contemporized remake of George ... more>>>


Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: A community along the border of Iran and Afghanistan becomes an uneasy refuge for a number of illegal aliens, with the dilemma of one 14-year-old orphan providing the focus in a film from Iranian dire... more>>>

Death Race

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: The Transporter star Jason Statham takes the wheel in director Paul W.S. Anderson's remake of the Roger Corman classi... more>>>

When They Cry, Vol. 6

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Maebara Keiichi is the new kid in the tiny, rural village of Hinamizawa, but he makes friends with the very cute, very strange Rena almost immediately, and is accepted into "the club," where he mostly... more>>>

Racing Daylight 

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: A critically acclaimed tale of lovers from two different times suggesting the magical reality of re-incarnation; RACING DAYLIGHT is a ghost story, a murder mystery and a supernatural love story transc...more>>>


Nighthead Genesis, Vol. 2

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Naoto and Naoya visit their old home only to find things to be not quite as they remember. Things become even more curious as they become involved in a case dealing with a school and its twisted teach... more>>>


Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Celine has led an emotionally difficult life. An orphan when she inherited the bulk of her adoptive father's estate, it incurred the deep displeasure of her erstwhile stepmother. Thinking to make thin... more>>>

Tsubasa, Vol. 10

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Princess Sakura of the Clow Kingdom still cares deeply for her childhood friend Syaoran even though he is by no means of royal blood; he is a budding archeologist who has just taken over his father's ... more>>>

Savage Grace

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Adapted from the nonfiction book by Natalie Robins and Steven M.L. Aronson, Tom Kalin's Savage Grace recounts t... more>>>

Chain Gang Girls

Releases: 2008-12-23
Synopsis: Welcome to the Big House! It looks like any other prison, but this specialized penitentiary was designed from the ground up to hold Japan's most ruthless female inmates. That makes it doubly deadly, b... more>>>


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