Aaron Hillis Joining GreenCine as Blogger.

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While GreenCine is bidding farewell in a sense to our longtime editor David Hudson, who is moving over to IFC in 2009 to carry on his impressive legacy of film blogging, we are excited to announce that Aaron Hillis will be taking on the role of editor/lead conspirator for our GreenCine Daily blog.

The long tradition of cutting a wide swath through the world of film with GreenCine.com's GreenCine Daily blog will continue in 2009 in the very capable hands of Hillis, a Brooklyn-based writer, filmmaker and film critic whose work has been published in the pages of the Village Voice, LA Weekly, Variety, Spin, MovieMaker and Premiere Magazine, and online at IFC News, GreenCine Daily and The Reeler. Aaron is also the VP of Benten Films, an indie distribution label curated and run by critics. His first co-directed documentary feature, "Fish Kill Flea," premiered at SXSW 2007.

Hillis will have GreenCine Daily branching off in new and provocative directions.

We will also be working together with both David Hudson and IFC on projects in the future, so consider this not farewell, but onward, ho!

Please join GreenCine in welcoming Aaron Hillis as we usher in an exciting year.

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