New and Coming Releases: Dec 30, 2008.

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Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Six Feet Under creator and American Beauty screenwriter Alan Ball makes his feature directorial debut with this screen adaptation of author <a href='/ch... more>>>

Death Note, Vol. 8

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: When Mello realizes that he may be Kira's next target, he bursts into the SPK headquarters to retrieve a picture of himself - and gives Near a piece of information that may prove to be an invaluable a... more>>>

Bloodsuckers from Outer Space

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: This Texas-produced ultra-cheapie aspires to be a parody of cheesy monsters-from-space flicks, but the end result looks so amateurish that viewers may find themselves pining for the artistic merits of... more>>>

Neo Ned

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Ned (Jeremy Renner of Dahmer) is a proud member of the Aryan Brotherhood who has been admitted to a mental institution for his involvement in a racially motivated murder. Dr. Magnuson (<... more>>>

An American Carol

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Ebenezer Scrooge gets the parody treatment from veteran writer/director David Zucker (Airplane!, Scary Movie 4) with this comedy starring <a href='/chara... more>>>


Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Simon Yam and Kelly Lin star in director Johnnie To's tale of three professional pickpockets, one mysterious beauty, and the elusive key that brings them all together. It's title taken from a street s... more>>>

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, this Brazilian comedy follows the strange events that befall Doña Flor (Sonia Braga) after she is left a widow by the death of her wild, irresponsible ... more>>>

Battle for Haditha

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: The fate of two cultures becomes locked on a tragic collision course in director Nick Broomfield's dramatization of the events that led to the massacre of 24 Iraqi men, women, and children by American... more>>>

Woman on the Beach

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Widely regarded as acclaimed Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo's finest cinematic accomplishment to date, Woman on the Beach concerns Kim Joong-rae (Kim Se... more>>>

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Releases: 2008-12-27
Synopsis: The survival horror saga continues in this original, computer animated feature film inspired by the popular Resident Evil series of video games and films. Seven years after Leon S. Kennedy and Claire ... more>>>

Military Intelligence and You!

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: A hapless team of military-intelligence personnel attempts to determine the location of a secret German fighter-plane base in director Dale Kutzera's pointed satire of kitschy training films and preemptive warfare.more>>>

Razor Eaters

Releases: 2008-12-30
Synopsis: Loosely based on a series of true crimes committed in Australia in the early 21st century, director Shannon Young's independent thriller follows the story of five young men who set out seeking...more>>>

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