New and Coming Releases: October 25, 2011.

Out Late

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: "Out Late" is an inspirational and moving documentary about five individuals who made the courageous and life altering decision to come out as lesbian, gay, or transgender, after the age of 55. more>>>

Nine Nation Animation

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: A cat and a mouse carry on a dysfunctional relationship in a futuristic landscape. A Chinese monk sets out on foot with a tiger during the Tang dynasty and happens upon the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan. more>>>

Fambul Tok

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone's brutal civil war come together for the first time in an unprecedented program of tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies. more>>>

Great Italian Directors Collection

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: A 4-DVD Box Set featuring 3 films from some of Italy's greatest directors: Michelangelo Antonioni, Mario Monicelli, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, and Vittorio De Sica. Contains STORY OF A LOVE AFFAIR, BOCCACCIO '70, and CASANOVA '70.more>>>

Attack The Block

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: From the producers of Shaun of the Dead, ATTACK THE BLOCK is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen street gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a Lon... more>>>

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Young Pietari lives with his stern reindeer-herding father Rauno in arctic Finland. On the eve of Christmas, an enormous excavation at a nearby mountain disturbs the locals and captures Pietari's curi... more>>>

Captain America: The First Avenger

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Meek U.S. Army soldier Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) takes part in an experimental military program that infuses him with super-human powers, and uses his newfound strength to battle the villainous Red S... more>>>

City of Life and Death

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: On December 9, 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army laid siege to the Chinese capital of Nanking, beginning a reign of terror that killed as many as 300,000 civilians - an infamous tragedy now referred to... more>>>

Winnie The Pooh

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Walt Disney Animation Studios returns to the Hundred Acre Wood with "Winnie the Pooh," the first big-screen Pooh adventure from Disney animation in more than 35 years. Owl sends the whole gang -- Pooh... more>>>

Maria's B-Movie Mayhem: Voodoo Dolls / Madonna: A Case Of Blood Ambition

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Maria Kanellis has done it all. Wrestling, modeling, writing - but now, she tackles a new and far more deadly task - hosting B movies! This double bill includes: Voodoo Dolls (1990) A haunting, distur... more>>>

House by the Cemetery

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: This cult horror film from director Lucio Fulci lurches along with a certain amount of disjunction due to cutting, perhaps, if not to an innate Fulci disposition. When the Boyle family temporarily mov... more>>>

Roger Corman's Cult Classics Lethal Ladies Collection

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Firecracker: Female karate champion Susanne Carter (Jillian Kesner) goes to the Philippines to look for her sister who has disappeared. She stumbles upon a drug cartel and a tournament of no-holds-bar... more>>>

Identification of a Woman (Criterion)

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: A divorced middle-aged Italian film director (Tomas Millian) is seeking meaning and love in both his life and his film. He becomes involved with an aristocratic woman, but trouble ensues when he begin... more>>>

A Serbian Film

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: Milos, a retired porn star, leads a normal family life with his wife and son in tumultuous Serbia. A sudden call from his former colleague will change everything. A leading role in a new production wi... more>>>

Island of Lost Souls (Criterion)

Releases: 2011-10-25
Synopsis: A twisted treasure from Hollywood-s pre-Code horror heyday, Island of Lost Souls is a cautionary tale of science run amok, adapted from H. G. Wells's novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. In one of his firs... more>>>


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