By Jonathan Marlow

On the occasion of the U.S. Premiere of Les Blank.s latest documentary, All in this Tea, at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Jonathan Marlow spoke with the remarkably accomplished filmmaker about his legendary career. What follows is the first of two parts.

The San Francisco International Film Festival is underway! Click here for more info.

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Interview By Jonathan Marlow

"The mood of making my kind of films is getting stronger here."

The Pacific Film Archive will be screening two of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's films; Blissfully Yours and Tropical Malady, this Friday and Saturday. You can Purchase tickets here. Jonathan Marlow had a chance to speak with Weerasethakul, you can read the transcript of that interview after the jump.

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Interview By David D'Arcy







"Like his previous hits The White Balloon and The Circle, [Jafar] Panahi's soccer movie Offside is blatantly metaphoric and powerfully concrete, deceptively simple and highly sophisticated in its formal intelligence," writes J Hoberman in the Village Voice.

And as David D'Arcy notes, prefacing his interview with the Iranian director, "this time Panahi has added humor to the tenderness and poignancy of his earlier films."

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