Interview By Jonathan Marlow

"The Monterey International Pop Festival forever altered world culture and music when it was held June 16 - 18, 1967. Monterey Pop drew hundreds of thousands of people to Monterey in Northern California. For one weekend, the harsh realities of the Vietnam War, student unrest, the Cold War, racism, urban riots, poverty and domestic politics were suspended and even transcended." -- Edna Gundersen, USA Today, March 2, 2007

The fortieth anniversary of Monterey Pop is upon us. To mark the occasion a special screening will take place tomorrow; Saturday March 17th at SXSW preceded by a panel featuring Lou Adler, Andrew Oldham and Michelle Phillips from The Mamas and The Papas. Read on for the second part of our interview with director D.A. Pennebaker, conducted by Jonathan Marlow.

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By Adam Hartzell

"I want to make a film that satisfies me first, especially in terms of aesthetic qualities and in terms of truthfulness... If I can have 50,000 people who really like my film, and who can understand what I'm trying to deliver, then that suits me very well. Numbers are not really that important." - Hong Sang-soo, Interview with J. Scott Burgeson, Bug Vol. 3 (1998).

Famed Korean master Hong Sang-soo, recipient of a special retrospective at this year's SF Int'l Asian American Film Festival, will be in San Francisco attending the festival. Catch this years SFIAAFF starting March 15th and ending March 25th.

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