Interviewed by Michael Guillen

Rory Kennedy's probing HBO documentary Ghosts of Abu Ghraib now debuts on DVD today. As David Courier wrote, introducing the film when it premiered at Sundance in January, Kennedy "explores how, given the right circumstances, typical boys and girls next door can commit atrocious acts of violence...."

Michael Guillen spoke with Rory Kennedy about the unique and unsettling experience of shooting at the Abu Ghraib prison facility in Iraq.

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interviewed by Jonathan Marlow, 21-February-2007


"Arguably the most unconventional documentary to air on television this year, Black Sun uses a series of remarkable audio interviews as a foundation for distinct ways of seeing the world around us. The film has played numerous festivals to much acclaim since its 2005 debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. Viewers tuning in to the program (Cinemax, 28-February, 7:00pm ET/PT ) relatively unawares will be rewarded with a thought-provoking and innovative account of overcoming adversity."

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