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Member Lists

Like One, Might Like 'em All (passport please)
List creator: thelonious
Created on: June 18, 2003 - 2:30 AM PDT
Description: Passport Please edition of a series of lists...

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Man Bites Dog (Criterion Collection) (1991)
Not Rated
  Call me a sick mofo, but I just can't help but to like the main character in this movie. This meaningful B/W documentary (tongue firmly planted in cheek) makes one realize just how disposable another life is.
Burnt by the Sun (1994)
  I'll be surprised if anyone agrees with this selection, but this is my list and will Indian Leg Wrestle anyone who disparages this fine film. This is a view of Stalin-era USSR and decorated General who falls victim to an old grudge and basic human nature.
The War Zone (1999)
Not Rated
  Tim Roth is a sick sick puppy... Yet somehow this movie was enjoyable. Does that make me sick too? Honest story: I rented this on a first date with a gal I'd just met. Somehow it worked out okay. Watch it and you'll see my point of confusion.
Baraka (Special Edition) (1993)
  VH1 meets Animal Planet, meets The Learning Channel, meets your hippy Berkeley neighbors downstairs. It's actually a lot like a DVD version of an article in Harper's magazine. A Macro/Microcosm view of the globe on meth perhaps.
Solaris (Criterion Collection) (1972)
  Although I wanted to, I never caught the new version of this. It's probably good, but I remember liking this one back in the day. A slow thinker of sorts, or a "USSR 2001", if you will.
Humanité (1999)
Not Rated
  "A dangerous masterpiece...", "Haunting and hypnotic!", "Stunning and shocking!". At least that's what my DVD cover says. I watched it. It was sort of whack. I dug it. Yo!
Cinema Paradiso (Special Edition) (Disc 1: Theatrical Cut) (1988)
  I should have watched this much sooner than when I did. A casting director in LA-LA-Land had recommended it do me in my youth and I just didn't listen. What a damn fool I was.
Life is Beautiful (1997)
  You've already seen this, but for some reason this movie gives me the same sappy feeling that the above movie does. Check out Johnny Stecchino while you're at it! Night on Earth is already in another list of mine. Oh wait, they don't /have/ that DVD yet.
Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)
Not Rated
  Yeah, I'd hit it! You liked "Like Water for Chocolate" and "Monsoon Wedding" for the same reasons that you'll like this movie.
My Life as a Dog (Criterion Collection) (1985)
  I'm not sure what it is about this movie. I suppose it's the same sort of draw as you get to the main character in the book "The Catcher in the Rye"... If Holden Caulfield was younger and Swedish, maybe this is how he'd turn out.

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